Comitan - Chiapas Mexico

Comitan is located 85 km from San Cristobal in the State of Chiapas , Mexico, via federal highway 190.

In Comitan you can visit:
  • The San Sebastian Church
  • The Culture House
  • The Belisario Dominguez Museum


San Cristobal de las Casas to Lagunas de Montebello
This is one of the most interesting circuits in the state of Chiapas, since it stats in the town founded by Diego de Mazariegos in "The Year of the Lord 1528". It is a Colonial City that jealously keeps its traditions and costumes. 

We recommend to start off early, since highway 190 in some laps is very dangerous. The first town that is touched is Amatenango del Valle, where you can buy excellent arts and crafts pieces. 

Continuing towards Comitan de Dominguez, formerly known as Comitan de las Flores. You arrive to a most charming town. Its main plaza or "zocalo" is beautified by precious wood trees. It is the birthplace of Rosario Castellanos, notable writer. You can visit her family home that is a museum today. Another famous person from Comitan is Dr. Belizario Do-minguez. Known as the "martyr of the free word", a title that was credited to him due to his opposition against Victoriano Huerta, betrayer of the Country, who had Dr. Dominguez's tongue cut off.

Traveling the short distance of 56 kilometers you arrive at a superb green area that is found no where else in the world. Here you can admire a series of lagoons whose main characteristic is their beautiful colors, the most outstanding being the Esmeralda Lagoon. At the same time, the place is prodigious in fauna and flora, specially birds, and a great number of gladiolas that grow wild by the tree trunks.

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