La Encrucijada - Chiapas Mexico

La Encrucijada is located on the Pacific coastal area of the State of Chiapas , La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve covers over 144,000 hectares. This large coastal wetland is an ideal refuge for a large number of plants and animals.

As you explore the canals, estuaries and beaches you will encounter enormous mangroves that reach over 35 meters. These are the tallest mangroves on the Pacific coast and showcase the ecosystem vigor and are critical to sustaining the many animals you will find at La Encrucijada such as the crocodile, jaguar, raccoon, iguana and hundreds of shorebirds.

With 323 plant, 276 bird, 61 reptile and amphibian, and 73 mammal species, La Encrucijada offers ideal habitat to ensure these species survival. Due to the scenic beauty and incredibly healthy ecosystems, the La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve has the potential for increased ecotourism activities which represent an opportunity to obtain support for the ongoing conservation and management activities of the reserve and also benefit the local communities.

Exploration of the Reserve is by boat and foot. You can arrive at Camp La Concepcion by boat and will have the opportunity to hike the trails on the Islands of Koaquespala, Taiti and Coyolar where you will have the opportunity to see small mammals and with luck, the elusive jaguar.

You will have a night adventure looking for crocodiles, some exceeding 5 meters! A trip down the Huixtla River always has hundreds of shorebirds and you also spend time on the dramatic beaches where you can enjoy the sun and surf.

The services offers to visit La Encrucijada are: land transfers, boats, guides, support staff, meals and lodging at Camp La Concepcion.

Due to the geographic location of the reserve, the average year round temperature is above 35º C. It is recommended that visitors bring lightweight clothing including long-sleeved shirts, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. Mosquitoes are ever-present, particularly at night and both insect repellent spray and cream are recommended. You will also spend some time on the beach so bring appropriate beachwear.

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