Tuxtla Gutierrez - Chiapas Mexico

Tuxtla Gutierrez is located in the State of Chiapas , 1,081 km southeast of Mexico City via federtuxtla gutierrez, chiapas, mexico / regional museum / Photo by Victor H. Mirelesal highway 190. It is the capital of the State.

Among its main attractions are:

  • The Plaza Civica (the Main Square)

  • The San Marcos Cathedral building in the middle of the XVI century, and throughout the centuries it has suffered several reconstructions, and even then it is a sample of Colonial architecture of Chiapas. The tower houses a rail with 48 bells, which accompany the figures of the Apostles that march on a pedestal every hour. It is a traditional show.

  • The Madero Park which houses:

    • the Regional Museum of the State with two permanent exhibitions one of Mayan archaeological pieces and

    • other ones regarding the history of the State through ethnographic collections

  • The Botanical Garden which has a great variety of flora from different regions of the State

  • A Theater

  • The Centro de Convivencia Infantil (Center for Children) with a pool, games for children, etc.

  • The Natural History Museum which exhibition of woods is unique in the Country

  • Another interesting place you can visit is the "Miguel Alvarez del Toro" Zoo, which is one of the best ones in Latin America, inhabited by:

    • jaguars

    • eagles

    • serpents

    • birds among other beautiful animals. The visitor can find here a bookstore, a snack bar, areas for pic-nics and a parking area

The Tuxtla Gutierrez local artisans make beautiful handicrafts such as:

  • bracelets

  • earrings

  • chains

  • costume dresses

  • wood pieces

  • wickerworks, etc.

that you can purchase at Ischanal Market

Regarding regional cuisine, you can enjoy delicious dishes such as:

  • tamales de jacuanae

  • chipilin

  • arroz

  • zoque

  • chispola

  • you can also savor traditional beverages such as:

    • water of chia

    • jamaica

    • cacao

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